The 2-Minute Rule for mechanical mod

GuitarPug if anybody perusing this merchandise has a person of these amps I'd love to hear what you consider them. […]

Given that the AC15CC is actually a cathode biased amp, it doesn't require the bias for being established whenever you modify valves. So long as you buy a matched set of EL84 valves, you may whack them in and rock away!

You easy use a generous quantity of ketchup into a mech mod, paying near consideration to its threads, and wipe it off. A comfortable toothbrush really should be applied to eliminate buildup on the threads.

Thank you so much for penning this tutorial! It really is ‘the’ tome on Vox AC15 modding! I adopted a few of the mods detailed listed here: (tube/speaker transform and shiny cap) and possess taken photos of the procedure at my website which may be observed below:

So, anybody making an attempt to find the “initial” AC15 audio would have to begin by rewiring the inventory amp to the outdated specs very first. Then, you’d must increase the proper choke, an EZ81 rectifier tube and almost everything that goes with it.

Before you start any work on any valve amp, it's essential to very first Verify the voltages through the filter caps and discharge them if important. These filter caps are effective at storing as many as four hundred volts, even once the amp is turned off.

The ingenuity involved changing the bulb percentage of a flashlight and changing it with an atomizer housing. Even though the earliest modded flashlights glimpse primitive by currently’s specifications, the function that went into them was groundbreaking and would aid make a new business enterprise.

I altered the C5 capacitor (470pF) in a10nF capacitor. The amp is now beautifully in harmony. I've now the desired low tones. The bass and treble pot are each in twelve hour position for the best outcome (with the Wharfedale speaker).

When you appear within you’ll see two long PCB boards. A person board sits together the bottom of your chassis, this is the principal PCB board. The opposite PCB board is mounted vertically, behind every one of the control knobs which is called the ‘pots board’ as many of the potentiometers are mounted to it.

In most cases, stainless-steel mods are the simplest to keep up. They don’t tarnish, in order that they don’t should be polished. Chrome steel mods are somewhat economical. Having said that, the material also arrives in several grades. Utilizing the Society of Automotive Engineers scale, 304 stainless steel is the most typical materials used for mech mods.

Another place, Usually do not ability your amp up with no speaker load linked, you possibility damaging your amplifier.

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Hello, Excelents mods my Mate. I just lately get it done on my amp, apart from ‘choque mod’ It’s not crystal clear…there are diferent magnitude of models, 1 is Henry, A different is Ohms.. I did’nt know how does one exchange It..

EAT E-Glo S FET/tube hybrid phono pre-amp is our newest addition to our showroom and features buyers who desire the most beneficial of tube and solid point out design and style using an array of remarkably versatile, on-the-fly – subsonic, load, capacitance and impedance changes.

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